Kassandra Voyagis



London’s The Evening Standard recently likened Kassandra’s beauty and talent to that of Amal Clooney for her portrayal of a human rights attorney in her NetFlix film The First Line.

Third generation entertainer Kassandra Voyagis follows in her family’s entertainment history. She is the daughter of the well known Greek actor Yorgo Voyagis and actress Italian American Nadia Cassini. Her grandparents Patricia and Harrison Muller Sr. were dancers on Broadway doing musical theater on shows such as Allegro, Seventeen, Best Foot Forward & Oklahoma. With this much creativity in her blood, working in the entertainment industry was a natural.

Born in Italy Kassandra spent her childhood in Rome, Italy, until her parents divorced. Her time in Europe resulted in an intimate knowledge of local culture and a fluency in Italian, French, Spanish, Greek and English. Kassandra has a degree from Oxford University.